Iceland 2019 by Reb Carlson

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Creative Office Hours

A blog by an aspiring artist and amateur art historian.

"Creative Office Hours" is the place where aspiring artist Reb Carlson tracks her daily hours spent on her creative practice. In 2020, Reb will also be documenting her progress on self-educating herself on art history through weekly updates on the Creative Office Hours website.

IRL Inspiration

Art exhibitions, artists, fairs and museums that provide inspiration.


Amateur Art Historian

Reb's pursuit of having 2020 be the year she teaches herself art history.

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Reb's documentation of her daily creative practice, completed artistic projects and racking up creative office hours.

South Dakota Snowscape by Reb

Creative Practice

Tips and advice on building your creative practice through hard work, creativity, and inspiration.

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Home Studio

Advice, tips and tricks about how artists can develop their own in-home art studio.



Updates on how COH is growing.

WIP watercolor by Reb Carlson