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Reb Carlson

Reb (short for Rebecca) is an award-winning marketer based in Brooklyn, NY with over nine years' experience in social media, content strategy, brand planning, analytics, and working with influential content creators and artists. She has been drawing since the age of four (and has the sketchbooks to prove it) but discovered her passion for painting at Hofstra University, where she minored in Fine Arts. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Honors Distinction for her independent study on the rise of digital media. She continues to paint to this day in her "she-cave", a back room in the apartment she shares with her husband in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and has shown her work at local exhibitions. Reb is passionate about how art and creativity can unite communities and spends her time volunteering for local non-profits Free Arts NYC and CITY Arts Inc, both of which are focused on children's art education and community building. Reb is hoping to develop a career focused on making fine art more approachable for broader audiences.