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If not now, then when?


Where does "Creative Office Hours" come from?

Creative Office Hours is about making the time to create and committing to your practice as a working creative. It’s inspired by the idea of visiting your mentor in their office for some one-on-one guidance. Except now you’re your own mentor and you need to schedule your own office hours for your creative practice.

Who is a working creative?

  • Someone who has a day job and is trying to keep up their daily creative practice.

  • Someone who takes their creative work as seriously as a CEO does for their business. 

  • Someone who is using their creative talents to support themselves. 

  • Someone who understands the “practice” of creative practice and is humble enough to know that they, and everything they do, is a work in progress. 

How can I start my own COH practice?

  1. Find space, both physical space and within your schedule. 

  2. Commit to spending time creating, whether it's part of your regular schedule or when you need it. 

  3. Start to find inspiration in your day to day life.

  4. Share your space/creations with #CreativeOfficeHours